Perry Junior League COED FAQ

Revised 3-2-2022

How many innings do we play?

Coed teams play 2 innings.  All players bat during each inning.

When do we schedule practices?

The league schedules practices for you on the coed field.  Practices usually last 45 min – 1 hour.  

How many games do we play?

We schedule 10 games for the coed league.

How long do games last?

Games last approximately 1 hour.

How is the game organized for coed players?

Each player has a chance to bat and advance to first.  As each player bats, the players on base advance to the next base.  When the last player bats, all the players advance to home.  When players are in the field, they should learn to stop the ball and throw it to first base.

How many assistant coaches do I need?

You will receive jerseys and hats for yourself and 2 assistant coaches.  Most of the time, parents are always willing to help.  You will want to have several parents in the outfield when your players are in the field to help guide the players.  Also, please be aware that foul balls from neighboring fields may fall into the coed field.  Please make sure the parents in the outfield are aware of this possibility.

Do coed players need helmets and face masks?

We recommend that coed players wear a batting helmet, although some parents choose to let their child bat without a helmet.  Face masks are not necessary.

What about a tee and balls?

The league has a tee and balls that you can borrow for practices.  Please return them after your practice.  We will provide one game ball for each game.  Game balls can be picked up at the concession stand.

Do we get trophies?

The league will provide a small trophy for each coed player.