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Evaluation Schedule - PLEASE BRING GLOVE AND BAT



Age Group

January 27 Does not need to attend COED (3 & 4)

January 27  11:00

Field 4 6U Boys

January 27  1:00

Field 4 6U Girls

January 27  11:30

Field 2 8U Boys

January 27  2:00

Field 4 8U Girls

January 27  12:00

Field 1 10U Boys

January 27  2:30

Field 3 10U Girls

January 27  1:00

Field 5 12U Boys

January 27  3:30

Field 3 12/15U Girls


Coaches Draft Schedule



Age Group
Monday January 29 - 6:00 PJL Clubhouse 6U Boys, 6U Girls, COED
Monday January 29 - 7:30 PJL Clubhouse 10U Boys, 10U Girls
Tuesday January 30 - 6:00 PJL Clubhouse 8U Boys, 8U Girls
Tuesday January 30 - 7:30 PJL Clubhouse 12U Boys, 12/15U Girls







2018 Dixie Youth League Bat Rules

As we begin to prepare for a new season, there are some new Dixie Youth League baseball bat rule changes that will take affect for the 2018 Spring season.  Dixie Youth is required to adhere to bat guidelines set forth by USA Baseball Standards.  All PJL baseball players will be required to use bats that have the "USA Baseball" stamp directly on the bat.  These new bats are now on sale online and at local sporting goods stores.  

Question:  Can my child use the same bat from last year for league and All Star play?

Answer: No.  The USA Baseball bats were only just released in September 2017

Question:  Can my child use a BPF 1.15 stamped bat?

Answer:  No.  It must have the USA Baseball stamp on the bat.

Question: What size barrels can we use?

Answer:  Same as 2017 season.  Either 2 1/4" or 2 5/8"

Question:  Are wood bats legal at PJL?

Answer: Yes.  They must be one piece wood bats.  Cannot be composite wood bats. ex:  Bamboo

2018 Perry Junior Leage Board Members

Board President:  Christy Bridges

Vice President:  Amy Dixon

Boys Baseball Director:  Ashley Roberson

Girls Softball Director:  Vacant

Fields and Maintenance Director:  Rusty Ransom

HUC and Policies and Procedures:  Joey Hendrix

Treasurer:  Jon Peacock

Secretary:  Lydia Gordon

IT Director:  Derek Peters


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2017 Corporate League Sponsors

Parrish Construction


2017 Corporate Team Sponsors

Field Status


All Fields are not available for rent during league play.  Field Rentals will resume in the fall.

Field Status

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