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Thanks for choosing Perry Junior League!  We hope everyone had a great season. 

We are currently preparing for next years season and are looking for nominations for several key board and volunteer positions:

Board Positions:    


Presides over all formal meetings of members and the Executive Committee.
Serves as the official representative of the League.
Serves as the tiebreaker vote on the interpretation and intent of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of Play.
Serves as a member and Chairman of the Board of Directors during his/her tenure.
Oversees all functions of the League.
Files any necessary state, federal, or other reports or paperwork in a timely manner necessary to maintain the corporate and legal status of the League.
Review, oversight, and approval of all duties assigned to other elected Officers that affect the proper management of the League.
Assists in all functions brought forth by Perry Junior League including registrations, tournaments, fundraisers, etc. 

Vice President:

In case of the absence or disability of the President, and provided he/she is authorized by the President or Board to so act, the Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all the powers of that office, and shall have such other duties as from time to time by be assigned by the President of the Board of Directors
Shall work with the Safety Officer to investigate all reported injuries to players, managers, coaches, or spectators and to file any necessary and appropriate Injury Reports and Insurance Claims.
Shall work with the Secretary and Treasurer to obtain sufficient and necessary insurance policies for the League.
Shall, along with the Directors of Baseball and Softball, be responsible for the preparation of the game schedules for each league and age division and the accompanying umpire schedules.


Other Volunteer Positions:

Volunteer Coordinator:  Assists with arranging volunteers for park events, concession stand, work projects, etc.

Fundraising Coordinator:  Assists with organization of the fundraising program, assists with collections, distribution of any needed items, etc.

Softball Commissioners:  Assists the Softball director with coordinating the individual age groups, ensuring league information is given out, and acts as a resource for all the coaches.


Please review these needs for the park and nominate an individual that can bring their talents to the board so we can have another successful season and continue to grow our programming and make improvements to our land.  We would like for all nominations to be submitted to perryjuniorleaguesports@gmail.com no later than 09/26/16 so the board may review and consider all nominations.  I will serve as a consultant and advisor to the person that is elected to become the league president this season to ensure that there is a cohesive and smooth transition in the league.

Neal Newhouse

PJL President









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Work Day Info!

PJL Volunteer Projects for 2-13-16


Below is a list of projects that need to be addressed on the 8U boy’s field and field 4, please respond with your availability and any tools or equipment you may have access to that would help get these projects completed. If we get a large enough amount of participation I believe we can get this all done in a day. Please let Jeremy Bennett know if you are willing to help and what your talents are and he will coordinate the effort on 2-13-16.

8U Boys Field                       

  • Regrade grassed infield areas
  • Re-sod grassed infield areas
  • Remove hump at infield to outfield transition
  • Add Sandy Clay soil to the infield to ensure proper drainage
  • Paint Field house
  • Paint Bleachers
  • Clean out dug outs
  • Fence repairs
  • Ensure bases are set at proper lengths and are square- 60’

Field 4- 6U Boys & Girls, 8U Girls Fields

  • Extend infield out to remove hump and accommodate 60’ bases
  • Add Sandy Clay soil to the infield to provide proper drainage
  • Paint Field house
  • Paint Bleachers
  • Clean out dug outs
  • Fence repairs
  • Ensure bases are set at proper lengths and are square 50’ & 60’

  Tools & Equipment Needed

     Great attitudes & Good times                             Skid Steer                      Shovels

     Tractors with front end loaders                          Rakes                             Paint rollers & brushes


Jeremy Bennett – 256-6863 (text please) or   Jeremyb@parrishconstruction.com

PJL Wins in Academy Sports Banner Drawing

Aug 2015-Perry Junior League was notified by District 3 Director Truby Colbert that Perry Junior League was awarded a refund of all Franchis Fees for the 2015 season in association with the Academy Sports Sponsorship for Dixie Youth Baseball over the past 2 years.  Each park was asked to hang at least one banner at their respective park in return for the corporate sponsorship given to Dixie Youth Baseball.  At PJL a banner was put on each field for the duration of the season.  The park needed only to submit pictures to the Dixie Youth Home Office in Texas to prove the banners were placed.  An entry into the raffle was given for each banner hung.  Perry Junior Leagues refund was approximatelt $300 going back to the park and they were the only park in the state of Georgia to win a prize from the contest! 



Field Status



All Fields are not available for rent during league play.  Field Rentals will resume in the fall.

Field Status

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